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The dynamic language runtime (DLR) is a radical development of Dot Net. In some ways it is like the Laser was 40 years, a solution looking for a problem. At the moment the DLR supports languages such as Iron Ruby and Iron Python, together with dynamic extensions for C# and VB.NET. Where DLR will also score is the ability to write your own Dot Net language for specialist areas.

So how does this book fare in introducing the DLR? It is a book that will require careful study and perhaps reading several times before fully understanding the subject. You will need to spend time trying out the sample code. So who would I recommend this book to?

I recommend it to C# development teams for their library. I recommend it to individuals who not only know C# but have a good history of learning other computer languages.

It is not a book that can just be "dipped into", but will require one or more reads from start to finish. This is no reflection on the skill of the author but of the newness of the material.


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