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Left LA yesterday (or was it the day before  - you cross the internation date-line on way back), and was not the most impressed about either UA (who I flew with) or the airport itself.

Arrived about 3 hour early, and went to self service check in - they are obviously saving money by automating as much as possible (yes cheaper flights are nice, but..). Check in started pretty ok, the machines were pretty easy to use, but then the process sloweded. Because of my nationality and destination, an 'agent' had to check the passport. After waiting a little while one of the people who where handling queries, luggage, etc. (est. 1 person per 10 machines, they were busy) came over and informed me that 'agent' would have to check passport (they were just normal mortals) and there was currently no agents around.... By the time 2 'agents' showed up about half a hour later, possible as much as half of the machines had people waiting..

After waiting about 40 minutes, an 'agent' looked at my passport, gave me a ticket and I headed off to passport check.. Only to discover that I had been given the wrong ticket, one for another person who's surname started with the same 3 characters.... Life.. Luckly it only took a couple of minutes to get a replacement ticket - jumped the queue and went straight to the 'agent' who had issued the original.

Went back to passport check/x-ray/etc. only to find a longer queue.. In LA, like some other places in the world, you have to take your shoes off so they can be x-rayed seperatly - and there's not much space to take them off, or put them back on again - everything is as cramped as possible.  And, of course, the x-ray machine broke down just before I went through so we had to wait another 5 minutes while they got it rebooted (not sure of OS). Once through all of that, I discovered that all the delays were not really a problem, since there was very little to do while waiting for flight home - I guess I'm a bit to used to being in international airports which tend to have more shops and restuants as opposed to airports servicing mainly locals.

Ahhh well, it's just another 7 weeks, or so, until I fly again - it's Christmas time again

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