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Well, that was a fun week but it's nice to be home through got to go into work tomorrow. Might have changed teams while I was away .

It's interesting comparing LA with Tokyo -Toyko has more people and may be bigger, but LA is more spread out. You can walk a lot further in LA without seeing anything than you can in Tokyo.

LA does have a metro but it does not cover much of the city, so assuming you have no car, you switch to metro busses. Part of the problem is how spread out LA is - I don't think I've ever got on a underground train, which for part of its journey travelled above ground; part of the time as a normal train and part of the time as a tram travelling the city streets.

The bus network does seem to cover most of the city, but was a lot more confusing for a tourist  than most undergrounds are.

Compared with Tokyo which has a hugh Metro and JR [main line train system] network. This makes it easy to get around central Tokyo (which is like the entire LA area, but compressed). One point LA's favour was that it was a bit cheaper to buy a daily travel pass ($5, approx 500 yen) through it looked like extra payments might be required in some cases.
Tokyo does have a bus network as well, but never tried it - partly because have never needed to, and partly due to the language. All the metro stations I've seen have signs in English (as well as Japanese of course) - including the station names.

Another difference was not so good; in the week I was there I observed a car crash (bad enough that some liquid was pouring out the front of one of the cars) and saw two people fighting. I also got asked for money a number of times (through to be fair that's happened in every US city I've been to, and used to happen in London as well) and once somebody tried to buy something from me - didn't try to clarify.

Ahh well.. Went to a pizza place in downtown LA where they had some quite acceptable pizzas - apart from the toppings they had a honey wheat dough that produced a very nice base.

Visited Long Beach and walked along the beach for a couple of hours - quite nice.

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