January 2012 Entries

Recently I was thinking of writing better code or I should say better object oriented programming,I was reading articles about writing better code ,but this post caught my eye and I thought it would be better I would share the knowledge,most of them might already know it,but still.

The articles are basically about Object Calisthenics.









Hello All,

            I am Srihari.Ganadinni,I have 42 months of experience in .Net design and development,I have worked on

Winforms,WCF,Build Automation using code,Linq,Lambda Expressions,Expression Trees and Design patterns.

I have keen interest in learning Design patterns for Concurrent,Parallel and Distributed systems,building frameworks and anything that catches my interest in microsoft technologies.

Apart from work I enjoy  Playing Carroms,Paintind and reading Philosophy,Learning Foreign language and Political science.

I hope my blog helps other people learn and also helps me in learning.