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If you are regular reader of my blog you’ve undoubtedly noticed the slow down in the number of blog postings as well as lack of SharePoint 2010 content (and if you’re not a regular reader then you’ve been missing out :)).  Well, all that is about to change. I’ve recently joined the team at Juniper Strategy, LLC as a Solutions Architect:

That’s right.. I’ve changed sides… I’m now a consultant. That means I get to have the same opinions as before but now they will mean something because people are paying more money to hear them? That’s about right isn’t it?




Also, now that I’m a consultant again, this video makes much more sense: :)


So, who is Juniper Strategy, LLC?

You may or may not have heard of Juniper Strategy, LLC. If you are in the government space in DC or deal with security gurus, then you have undoubtedly run into us before. We have some brilliant guys on our team and for some reason they thought it necessary to bring me in to lower the overall IQ. 

Actually, from the company website:

Founded in 2004, Juniper Strategy, LLC is a results-driven, service-disabled veteran-owned consulting company that is committed to meeting our clients' business and operational needs with proven solutions.  We understand the challenges presented by rapidly evolving technologies, changes in regulatory frameworks and the promise of effective, efficient operations that eludes many organizations.  Realizing this promise takes commitment, leadership and a partner that consistently delivers results, on-time and within budget.
Juniper Strategy specializes in operations consulting and IT security.  Taking an integrated approach to our clients' needs, we offer tailored solutions that empower our clients to operate more effectively, cost-efficiently and securely to achieve business and operational goals and objectives.  Simply put, we transform vision into results.  That's why Juniper Strategy's solutions are designed to provide measurable, predictable and consistent outcomes.  Our clients benefit from our innovative thinking, diligence and insightful, high-value solutions.  We get the job done and done right, the first time. 

Federal, State and Local government organizations may reach Juniper Strategy quickly and easily through the GSA Schedule.  For other contract vehicles, including GWACs and IDIQs, please take a look at our partner contracts and vehicles.

Juniper Strategy is a certified Service-Disabled, Veteran-Owned Small Business Concern through the Department of Veterans Affairs Center for Veterans Enterprise Verification Program.

What does this mean for the Hillbilly?

First, you may have noticed that I now refer to myself in the third person. This is mandatory…  just kidding. This move means lots of good things for me and those who read my blog.

As a consultant it will be more critical for me to maintain my blog and maintain a community presence. It is nice to work for an organization that sees the benefit of such involvement and encourages it.

Also, now that I’m a consultant I will be exposed to many more bizarre and head scratching scenarios for me to blog about. Juniper Strategy, LLC is not your typical “stand up our farm” firm, we deal with those bizarre twisted scenarios that will undoubtedly remind me why I hate SharePoint some days. :)  I’m definitely excited about this opportunity and the challenges it entails, and I look forward to sharing my knowledge and experience that I gain along the way.

I’ll also be making more trips to the DC area, so I’ll hopefully get a chance to hang out with my most excellent SharePoint friends in the area including @usher @ericharlan @mrisaac @janishall @cyberslate @meetdux, @mrshadeed, @fabianwilliams,  @deannie, and maybe even the occasional visit by @stacydraper.

I’d like to say a very special thank you to all of those people who have taught me so much and help prepare me for making this move.  You guys are awesome and I apologize in advance for the late night frantic phone calls.. ;)

I’d also like to wish my old company UNFI the best of luck. I left those guys in very capable hands and expect some amazing SharePoint applications to come out of there. So, keep your eye out for what they do.

So, stay tuned… I’ll try and make it worth your while…

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Congrats on the new job! I look forward to your future posts about your new upcoming adventures in consulting (insert indiana jones theme music).
Left by Tracey on Sep 09, 2010 7:11 PM

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