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I like the idea of the Apple iPhone, I think that anything that pushes innovation in this market space is great.

However the HTC Touch P3450 (Elf) is serious competition for the iPhone mainly because of the interface.

This video from BBC demonstrates the HTC Touch's user interface.

You can order the device today if you wish. Sadly the iPhone is not yet available to purchase in the UK yet but there is massive interest.

Of course the device is a Smartphone running Windows Mobile 6 which means connecting to Exchange to get push email is going to be nice and simple and it will work happily with your Enterprises existing mobile management infrastructure such as the ever popular Sybase iAnywhere Frontline (formally Afaria) and will also run .Net compact applications.

Saying this the Apple iPhone has grabbed the media spot-light and it deserves to but unlike the iPod at it's time of launch there is health alternatives and lets not forget Nokia, Sony Eriksson, LG, Motorola and Samsung they also will have models out soon that will look to combat the threat from Apple. This is all good news for us the customer.

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# re: The HTC Touch P3450 (Elf) is serious competition for the Apple iPhone
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You have to remember how much fashion will play with the iPhone. A geek may go for the best phone, best interface, most advanced hardware, but the muggles will go for what is fashionable - whether or not it is the best device.

Take the iPod, there are players with more features, players that are cheaper, but look around our youth group and they *all* have iPods, because it is the latest fashion...
Left by Richard on Jun 08, 2007 6:19 AM

# re: The HTC Touch P3450 (Elf) is serious competition for the Apple iPhone
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I agree!

But I think that Apple does have some serious competition, it will have a hard fight to stroll into the market and claim it like it did with the iPod.


Well the existing players have much to lose and so will come out fighting as they will not wish to lose any significant market share to the newcomer.

But if I was Apple I wouldn't actually be all the interested in being number 1, just having 1% of a multi-billon $ global business is impressive enough to make a significant profit for Apples share-holders.

Good luck to them, I think that the mobile market has got a little stale so its good to see someone like Apple putting the cat amougst the pigeons!
Left by Dave Oliver on Jun 08, 2007 1:27 PM

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