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Well this is a belated Happy Holidays to everyone. I know it's quite a bit late but I hope all had a happy and wonderful Holiday season, I know that besides all the snow I did. Where I live (Pacific Northwest) we've kind of been in a little snow storm you can see from my Online Photo Album the kind of weather we've been having here in the mountains.


Anyways, for Christmas I made out like a bandit, in my opinion. I got:

  • Full set of reversible Craftsman Ratchet Wrenches Set
  • 32 Piece Craftsman Screwdriver Set
  • 16 Piece Craftsman Plier Set
  • Hew hunting coat & gloves
  • New Microsoft keyboard, 4000 edition
  • Few odds & end gifts

It was a fitting end to the year, I spent most of New Years Eve writing code, which it seems is something I always seem to be doing, at least from home since Im out of work on medical leave. Last month I started having these episodes of blankness, legs stop working, arms stop working, all kinds of stuff, well I had one on the way to work I had one and drove my car off a 14 foot revene. Nice way to start your day if I do say so myself.

They've ruled our back, neck & brain issues (no brain tumor thank God) and I go in for a neurological exam on 22JAN so they can try and see what's happening with me. Even through all that, I had such a great Holiday season, since Ive been out of work Ive been able to spend so much time with my family, somthing I couldnt do before since I would leave at around 5:45AM and I would get home after 6:30PM after work.

This has been an opportunity that has been handed to me, spend time with my family, and see how far I can push C# at the same time, nice way to spend some time if you ask me. This has been a crappy year, medically speaking, for me. First I had 3 surgeries in the first 1/2 of the year (long story, Ill explain someday), now Im going through this. I sure am hoping for a better medical 2008 thats for sure

Well I hope everyone has an enjoyable, great 2008, see you in the blogospehere later

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