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A Point To Share A journey through Microsoft Commerce Server and other .NET platforms

It's an age old adage that on life's journey you always arrive at a fork in the road, and need to decide which path you want to take. At the beginning of 2007 my professional career faced exactly this fate, with the hurt of the looming GEC and the shifting of core skills in many IT departments I was faced with the making a hard decision; continue to seek full time employment or gamble with taking an IT contractor position. My journey however was never about income, stability, or my methods of employment – instead it is purely about learning and exploration of new technology.

Throughout my professional career I have worked with many companies on many different projects, and the whole time my work is driving by a passion of discovery of new solutions for the puzzles we all face in our day to day lives. So I took the path that would best suit my quest for discovery: contracting. My life as an IT contractor has always been interesting. It is a life of unknowns, some of which are stressful, others are extremely enjoyable. However underneath the uncertainty the biggest benefit I find with a career as a contractor is the continual exposure to new and interesting projects and technologies.

Through the past two years my journey has now spanned two continents, many different projects, and more importantly many lessons learned. I started out two years ago as a .NET developer working on ASP.NET 3.0 projects at the beginning of the release of workflow, and WCF into the industry. Now further down my path I have encountered various loves and hates and one of my key strengths and evangelisms is the various derivatives of Microsoft SharePoint. The product itself is a mammoth of potential waiting to be unlocked, and can fit a guise of different horizontal and vertical industries; however to fully appreciate the possibilities in this great solutions it has taking me a couple of years of searching, and learning. Many of my key lessons were learned from community blogs, and it is for this reason I am writing today.

This is my technical blog, and I warn you now I am no scholar of author. This is simply going to be me returning to the community from where I learned – some of the valuable lessons as I continue on my journey. Much of this journal will be in regards to SharePoint technologies, including MOSS, WSS, and Commerce Server – however at heart I am still a technician and .NET developer so I will through in many other things I feel are relevant.

I am open to opinion, and comments – so please feel free to ask questions, and provide criticism as that is the process we all learn from.

However for now I welcome you to my journey, and I hope you enjoy it...

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