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Darn it, Dave beat me to it here

Anyhow, yes, as noted, the registration for ALT.NET Open Spaces, Seattle is now open and you can find it here.  This site requires OpenID in order to register with just your name and email address.  Feel free to use any of these OpenID servers on the OpenID Servers PageMyOpenID or Versign's PIP both worked for me, so you should have no problem.

We have already 50 pre-invites, so that makes about 100 for general registration right now.  It's going to be a great crowd and a lot of big names.  We've been working very hard on this effort and it's going to be a great time with lots of events and great topics to discuss.

The hotel logistics have been worked out and information can be found on the site.  So, check it out, and register today, and be there!

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