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Well, well, well..

While Michel, Jean-Francois, Christian and Jean-Christophe were making fun of me about my Intelligent Device Computer Architecture blog and my SQL hard disk......

Another geek used SQL's “join” like functionality in MSH.

I guess my idea wasn't so far off, was it?

By the way, as a addition to my architecture post, a friend at Alcatel was talking about a new approach in network cards to include a few TCP layers inside the card... A hard coded winsock, I guess.  The idea is quite simple, since the technology is well known, well used and well accepted, let's put that code in the chip instead of having the OS do that dumb and simple task. 

hehe... laugh my friends... laugh...


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That's the base of WinFS!
Left by Jean-Christophe on Jul 28, 2005 7:24 AM

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