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Nilesh Baviskar
So far I found that MEF is going well with presentation layer with following benefits.
1.     DI (Dependency Injection)
2.     Third party extensibility (Note that all parties involved should use MEF or need wrappers)
3.     Auto discovery of Parts (Extensions)
4.     MEF allows tagging extensions with additional metadata which facilitates rich querying and filtering
5.     Can be used to resolve Versioning issues together with “DLR and c# dynamic references” or “type embedding”
After bit of research I'm concluding following
1.     MEF for the Core Services - cost of changes are not justifying the benefits. Also this is big decision and may affect the service layer in good or bad way so needs lot of study. MEF V2 (Waiting for stable version) might be better in this case but little worried about using MEF V1 here.
2.     MEF for the Function service performs - MEF might add the value but it’s very specific to the service function. We need to go deep into requirement of service to take that decision.
Your views, thoughts and suggestions are appreciated.
Posted on Thursday, August 25, 2011 6:57 PM | Back to top

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