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I'm going to be giving a presentation for the St. Louis Day of .NET 2010 - TODAY!

Worked out my materials for the first 2 sessions, for those that are interested, they can download the materials:

The first session is: JumpStart: Workflow 4.  The session describes the core features and technology involved in developing and managing your Activity enriched application workflows using Windows Workflow Foundation 4.0.  The files can be downloaded here.

The second session is Introduction to 3D in WPF.  This is an introductory session to show some of the 3D graphics capabilities in WPF. Participants will be introduced to the concepts of triangular polygon, GeometryModel3D, Viewports and the camera system. Some animation will be introduced along with some samples for how to draw texts on 3D surfaces.  The files can be downloaded here.

I still have one more session materials to upload, thus the 'part one' in the title .  Hopefully people find this informative.

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