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This past weekend was pretty awesome; the second annual St. Louis Day of .NET conference went underway. 2 DAYS!  Can you believe it?  It is 2 DAYS of (almost) all-you-can-eat technical sessions; and all for a minuscule $100 (or $125 for those late registrations).

First off, some disclaimer: my comment on STLDODN ‘09 will be biased.  Why?  Because I participated in it and I’m rather involved in it, so of course I can’t quite badmouth it :).  Organizers for the St. Louis Day of .NET 2009 are: Kevin Grossnicklaus, Jeff Fattic, Scott Spradlin, Clint Edmonson, Chris Deweese, Michelle Marcus, Jeff Strauss and yours truly.

In any case, the event as a whole was a BLAST!  Registration was a tad hairy in the morning – sessions start at 7:30 AM, so by 7 AM, we have a long line of people queuing for their registration badges and goodies.  Everyone was cooperative even with some of the hiccups we’re getting; but we could’ve done better.  However, after the not-so-smooth start, everything just came together! Sessions started, all speakers went to bat!

Just to give some insight into speaker preparation as evidenced in these photos here and here, some speakers practice what someone termed “JIT presentation” – I myself am guilty with still tweaking & researching materials within 5 minutes before my session started.

The St. Louis Day of .NET Website has been updated with a link to photos uploaded to the Flickr STLDODN Group.  If anyone have other pictures to add, join the group & upload the pictures – it’ll be fun for all.

Lunch was OK; was so nervous on the first day, I didn’t even eat lunch – had a restless night sleep the day before as well.  But I learned quite a bit about preparation: there’s no such thing as being overprepared – in fact in most cases, you will always be underprepared.  I kept wishing I have a few more hours to check & re-check some stuff.

Got to brush shoulders with some great speakers; my greets go to just about everyone there: Lee Brandt, Brian Button, Keith Dahlby, Kathy Kellenberger, Ralph Wheaton, Perry Simeroth, Ken Sipe, Ilona Shulman, Matt Bremer, Denny Boynton, Chris Hammond, Cuong Dang, Phillip Japikse and others; apologies for not mentioning them, but it’s rather hard juggling all those names in my head.  Hopefully as I get to know these people better, their names will stick better in my head :).  Unfortunately I went only to a select few sessions due to my “JIT presentation” preparation; got to see Kevin G’s JumpStart: WPF, Ilona’s Data Warehousing session, briefly attended Clint’s “How To Start Your Own Business” (this one needed a much bigger room) and Perry’s “Refactoring” session.

I did 4 sessions altogether on 3 different materials: .NET 4.0 (covers new stuff in Visual Studio 2010, C# 4.0, VB.NET 2010, some of the Visual C++ new tidbits and all other grab bag stuff), C# 4.0 and Intermediate WPF, following Kevin G’s JumpStart: WPF session.  The prep was rather tiring, but it feels good to be able to share knowledge with attendees and speakers alike.  I just hope that what I cover can be useful for some people.

I’m prepping my session materials for upload and I’ll try to make it all available this weekend – so my apologies for those that may be waiting for the materials to come out earlier.  The material itself is not difficult, it’s just that I need to go over them and make sure comments and variables names are proper, and also put in a text file / document to accompany the slides / application.

And believe it or not… planning for St. Louis Day of .NET 2010 is already underway.  Link to attendee survey was sent out last night; if you get them please be honest with your feedback so we can try to address your concerns and make the next conference be even better!

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After seeing the feedback...what Mul meant to say above was that some great speakers got to brush shoulders with MUL! :) Congrats Mul!
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