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Greetings Geekdom.  My apologies for the  long  absence and my apology  to the gentlemen who I was conversing with regarding is Automated Testing "testing"

First  to you:  I got your response email.  I will post it up here in the next day or two with my thoughts  on your questions.

Second to the geeksphere:
My absence can only be blamed on two things:  hectic holidays and being extremely busy at work.  All I've wanted  to do since Thanksgiving was come home and veg out.  And if I wasn't veg'ing out, I was out X-mas shopping.  :)

So anyway...things have finally settled down a bit. 

On the professional front, my new gig extended a FTE position to me and I started with them as an FTE on the 29th of December.  And man can we say they keep me busy...OY...I've created more test cases in the three months I've been there than I did in an entire year at my previous gig.

Now granted a lot of these cases are not reusable action created scripts.  For the most part, they all have test case specific code in them but they work and I'm saving  a manual tester 8 manhours worth of repetive work every week.  Given the cost of my time, we'll recoup the time spent in three months of weekly exection.  How's that for justifying one's  existence.  BOO-YAH!

Additionally I'm now coordinating automation development by several offshore resources we have through an offshore  firm in Mumbai.

Now in  gerneral,  I am not a huge fan of outsourcing.  I'd rather hire americans and have the work done here.  But so far I've been really impressed with these guys.  They can think on their feet and adapt to changes in priorities with the agility of the best onshore resources I've worked with.   Not to say I still think we aught to hire american..but at  least I'm getting more stuff done than I could by myself.

And finally I do have a QTP/.NET Web  related question for the geekdom.

One of my applications under teset is a .NET Web app.   (Not sure which framework but I suspect it is 2.0.)  Now when this application is initialized it starts out as a regular  website rendered in a browser.

Once the user logs in to the system, the app renders a popup for the actual app with no "Go" entry fields, no "processing" e or anything etc.

As a result of the supression of the browser's native navigation clues etc, the users of the system complained that they couldn't tell when the app  was doing something.  So the dev added a "Processing" function that appears when the app has to go off and  do something.  It disables 90% of all of the objects on the page and in some cases if you do an if exists it will fail to find the object as entered into the OR.  I call this the "grey screen of ennui" because it is ANNOYING as all get out.

The principle problem with this feature is that the display of the feature does not put the browser into a "non ready" state.  Therefore "Sync" is useless. 

My question is, can someone suggest another way of dealing with it?  Right now I have a function that utilizes a for next loop running If Exists over and over again.  However, I'm finding that it is not 100% reliable.  So I need a better  way....

Any suggestions the geekdom might have aside from requesting an application enhancement to make the grey screen of ennui put the browser into a non-ready state would be most appreciated.

More to come on the "Is Automated testing  testing" debate. Posted on Thursday, January 15, 2009 6:01 PM QuickTest Pro | Back to top

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# re: Apologies for long absence
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Hi maryanne wrote "Now when this application is initialized it starts out as a regular website rendered in a browser. Once the user logs in to the system, the app renders a popup for the actual app ...." .. The first thing I would check is how you are treating the actual app window in the object repo. Is it a browser object ? Is it under a seperate 'tree' in the OR from the initial browser ? - it should be - imo. A popup as the term is generally used is a windows object with native class=#32770, not a browser object-- unlikely a whole app would be hosted in a popup window. Are you using a named object repo (a tsr file) ? If not you will certainly have problems with object recognition for re-useable tests- per action ORs are only good for practice and throaway tests imo. Give us more info on the nature of the object that hosts your app. Is it a browser or not ? ps even if it has no menu or buttons it can still be a browser object. use the gui spy tool if you need to- and good luck !
Left by Mike Tierney on Jan 20, 2009 5:27 PM

# re: Apologies for long absence
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Hey Mike!
The "Popup" is a Browser.Page object and when adding objects from it to the OR those objects are added in the same "plane" as the Login page objects.

Object recognition isn't my problem. The issue is this "Processing" image that appears when the app is doing something. It basically disables the forms behind it, but not always in a consistent way.
If I can capture a screen shot, I'll post it here so people can see what I'm talking about.

Left by Maryanne Sweat on Jan 21, 2009 10:24 AM

# re: Apologies for long absence
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I was searching for info on a QTP issue (yes, I am changing you guys' scripts, look out world!) and lo and behold, look who I found. :)

Just wanted to *wave*.
Left by Joel Clark on Mar 19, 2009 3:08 PM

# re: Apologies for long absence
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Sup Joel! Feel free to reach out if you have questions about those scripts. Might be able to help you. :)
Left by MES on Mar 19, 2009 3:26 PM

# re: Apologies for long absence
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I think I found my problem. One of the pages is never letting readyState get to "COMPLETED", so I am gonna try changing Theo's sync function to also trigger on "INTERACTIVE" and see if it helps (since that is the state it seems to be getting hung up on). Just waiting on permissions from TechOps to so I can actually change the script.

Left by Joel Clark on Mar 19, 2009 4:14 PM

# re: Apologies for long absence
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So you've got a browser page that is never coming back in a "Ready State" status of "Complete"?

Wouldn't that be a bug with the app?

OR is this something like an AJAX call where the page never refreshes?

B/C I've got cases like that at my new gig and Sync just doesn't cut it...Would Interactive be more reliable?

Look at that, maybe you can help me out too!

Left by MES on Mar 19, 2009 4:55 PM

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