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I have had the pleasure (or pain, depending on your point of view) of working on several large data warehousing projects over the years and I have found that there are many key ingredients to a successful project.  Most of these are well documented by Ralph Kimball and Bill Inmon so I won't reiterate those here.  However, as an architect I have come to really value the role of the Business Analyst in these projects.  It is a no brainer that the Business Analyst is the go-to person for requirements but I believe that there should be a closer tie in the project between the architect(s) and the analyst(s).  Often, we architects tend to guide questions by our knowledge of the data and infrastructure.  This by itself may not lead to the best solution.  While I have learned to put on the "business" hat over the years, having an analyst (or more than one) on the project who can focus on asking questions from a business perspective not only frees me (the architect) up to focus on making a scalable, maintainable and extensible solution.  The resulting brainstorming with the analysts fosters an environment where we can say "how do we solve for this?" instead of "we can't do that because the data...."  Most questions can be answered and most problems can be solved.  Having the analysts and architects working closely on the same team (not just treating the analyst as a "customer") results in a solution that answers the business's questions more completely while still maintaining a good solution. BTW - every team needs a Workdog! Posted on Wednesday, February 13, 2008 10:45 PM Random Thoughts | Back to top

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