Having trouble using GitHub with BI projects

I had existing solution built.  I've attached a screenshot of local repository folder structure.

So to get started in GitHub, I created a company repository called "DataServices", and uploaded the entire code structure through the code >> Upload files functionality.

I was happy to see that my SQL project was showing connection.  However, whenever I make a change, it would show the red checkmark for checkout while the file is being edited.  As soon as I save the file, that red checkmark would go away and be replaced by a blue lock sign, even though the change has not been committed or sync to the master branch.  There is no option on any of these files to right-click and commit.  When I go to Team Explorer and click on "Changes", it does not detect any changes.  I can disconnect and reconnect to the repository, it is still the same thing.  However, after I close visual studio and reload, it would show the changes (see screenshot)

In my SSIS project, it's even worse.  It looks like on the solution file was connected to GitHub, and nothing else.  See the second screenshot.

Just to make sure, I created a blank solution and selected "Add to repository" through visual studio, and created code into a brand new respository, then added some packages and check in the code.   The result is the same.

So at this time, I can't check in the code without having to use the website and "upload files".  Our team cannot sync up as we don't know who has what checked out.

Need some expert to tell us what's wrong, what to try, and how to save this.

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Left by Dil Tamang at 1/27/2018 7:18 AM
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