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I was reading an old post on Scott Hanselman's blog about accessing private feeds via RSS.  The discussion turned toward comparing RSS reader requests to OFX requests that applications like Microsoft Money make to banks.

A comment from "Jordan":

No CTO wants to have his face on the cover of the Wall Street Journal because his site provided an RSS feed to Bloglines and Bloglines has a security breach that exposes all that information.

I have several private RSS feeds that I would not trust a third party to provide for me.  The primary example is an RSS feed that I check on a daily basis - my bank account and credit card account information.  No, my bank doesn't provide a feed - instead I rely on my local installation of RSSBus to create the feed.

This local way of handling private data is very important to me.  Since I have been getting into PowerShell I even created PowerShell scripts that tell me my bank account balance or show me a list of recent transactions.  I can even take advantage of secure strings and credentials in powershell so that my scripts are safe.  For the last few months I've had a PowerShell window open 24x7.  If you haven't tried it out yet, take a minute and do.

Posted on Thursday, June 14, 2007 12:32 PM General , PowerShell | Back to top

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