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Who's down with APP? You down with APP? Yeah, you know me.

Atom Publishing Protocol is naughty, by nature. Its the bad boy on the street who knows it all and is intimidating all the other kids on syndication street. It has made friends with the Googlers, and with this new found friendship it plans to take over all the street corners in Webservicetonvillelandberg.

My question is - what services support APP? I read that Blogger is rolling out support for it - but what other services are?

Update:  Elias Torres is working on a tagline.  Oh and he also announced WP-APP: Atom Publisher Protocol for WordPress.

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Posted on Tuesday, August 22, 2006 7:06 AM Software , General | Back to top

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Update: Elias Torres is working on a tagline. Oh and he also announced WP-APP: Atom Publisher Protocol for WordPress.
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