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In my last post, I explained how RSSBus can be instructed to output JSON instead of RSS items.

This means that RSSBus can be used to output ANY feeds items in JSON, simply by creating a 3 line RSSBus Script that calls the target feed.  As an example, here's how I can get the latest technology topics in JSON:

1.  Create a new RSSBus Script that looks like so:

rsb:call op="">
  <rsb:push />

2.  Hit the url http://localhost:1110/digg.rsb?@json.  Now you'll get back a giant chunk of JSON describing all of the latest digg technology items.

3.  If you just want to get the most recent topic, add one more like to the RSSBus script so that it will stop after it pushes the first item:

<rsb:call op="">
  <rsb:push />
  <rsb:break />
Now you'll just get the one item.
Posted on Friday, August 11, 2006 10:32 AM Programming , Software | Back to top

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