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Dave Taylor says podcasts are no good for businesses because we can't effectively search them for specific content that we want to hear. That may be so, however:

  • I can't read a blog during my frequent road trips and commutes to and from work (amoung dozens of other activities, like jogging, lifting weights, or mowing the lawn).
  • Even if I had mobile connectivity, its not easy to read blogs on a mobile device. Its very easy to listen or watch podcasts on a Pocket PC or similar device no matter where I am, online or not.
  • Bloggers cannot possibly convey all that a podcaster can. Proof? Take two of the most popular podcasts, IT Conversations and the video podcast Channel 9.

    I don't really give a damn if Dave Taylor can excerpt them or not. Podcasts weren't created so that Dave Taylor could quote them. Podcasts were created to distribute audio to a wide audience in a method that gave the consumer the ability to consume the content when and where they want to. I for one have learned a great deal thanks to the work of people like Chris Pirillo, Doug Kaye, and many more not-so-recognizable names.

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