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With the increase in mobile browsing and greater demand for a mobile workforce, I’m pleased to see that SharePoint 2013 offers vast improvements to the mobile browser experience. SharePoint 2013 introduces the new ‘Contemporary View’. Depending on the mobile browser, users have one of the following browsing options, other than the ‘Mobile View’ explained next, here's a link -  to another blog post by my colleague on SharePoint's mobile capabilities:

· Contemporary view: This view offers an optimised mobile browser experience to users and renders in HTML5. This view is available to Mobile Internet Explorer version 9.0 or later versions for Windows Phone 7.5, Safari version 4.0 or later versions for iPhone 4.0, and the Android browser for Android 4.0 or later versions.

· Classic view: This view renders in HTML format, or similar markup languages (CHTML, WML, and so on), and provides backward compatibility for mobile browsers that cannot render in the new contemporary view. The classic experience in SharePoint Server 2013 Preview is identical to the mobile browser experience of SharePoint Server 2010.

· Full-screen UI: There is also the ability to have a full desktop view of a SharePoint site on a smartphone device.

The following figure shows a classic, contemporary, and full-screen UI rendering for a smartphone browser.


Mobile browser redirection

To access a site by using the optimized mobile browser experience, a new feature named Automatic Mobile Browser Redirection must be activated on the site. When activated and a mobile browser is accessing the site, this feature checks the mobile browser to determine whether it can handle HTML5. If the mobile browser supports HTML5, the contemporary view is rendered. Otherwise, the classic view is rendered.

By default, this feature is activated when any of the following site templates are used:

· Team Site

· Blank Site

· Document Workspace or Center

· Project Site

You must explicitly activate the feature on sites created with other templates. You can activate or deactivate Automatic Mobile Browser Redirection at the site level.

Mobile views and the browser definition file

A mobile view is a version of the SharePoint site that was optimized for mobile devices. The browser definition file lists the mobile browsers and devices that are supported by SharePoint Server 2013 Preview and is used to redirect mobile browsers to the mobile views. You can modify the browser definition file to change the redirect behavior of a mobile browser, or to add or delete entries from the list of supported mobile devices.

The browser definition file lists the mobile browsers and devices that can access mobile views in SharePoint Server 2013 Preview. When a user browses a SharePoint site from a mobile device, the mobile browser submits to the site an HTTP GET request that includes a user agent string. If the mobile browser and device model in the user agent string are listed in the browser definition file and the isMobileDevice setting for the mobile browser is set to true, SharePoint Server 2013 Preview redirects the mobile browser to the mobile view of the site. Otherwise, a standard view of the site is shown in the mobile browser. You can modify the file to change the redirect behavior of a mobile browser.

The browser definition file lists the mobile browsers and devices that are supported by SharePoint Server 2013 Preview. The file can be updated when product updates to SharePoint Server 2013 Preview are released. You can also modify the file to add a mobile browser or device to the list. For more information about how to modify the browser definition file, see Configure the browser definition file in SharePoint Server 2013 Preview.

Note: Here’s a List of Supported Mobile Devices by SharePoint 2013.

Yet another cool feature of SharePoint 2013!

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