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5 things that caught my attention for at the first site of SharePoint 2013.

  • The new GUI — SharePoint 2013 adopts the Windows 8 Metro interface.
  • Live Doc Preview — By default, there is now a live document preview, not just something you see in search, but available for all documents by default.
  • Taxonomy Based Navigation — There is now a new way to navigate through a site — using taxonomies based on term stores. You can attach more than one taxonomy to a site, which is good if you want to create navigation for product sections of a website or any navigation that doesn’t follow the site structure.
  • Security on Term Stores — Want to restrict certain parts of your term store to certain groups? You can do that now by applying permissions to term stores. As this topic is very near and dear to my heart, we’ll provide you a more detailed look at this capability in a later article.
  • Workflow — There’s a new Workflow model at the core of SharePoint 2013. It is built on the same OAuth authentication and iFrames model that all new apps must work with. The old way will still work, but new workflows will need to be built using the new model.

More to follow... 
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