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Here’s a quick one about modifying list views to remove the checkbox that appears next to list items. It’s really simple but it is a new element of SharePoint 2010 list views and one where it is not immediately obvious that it is configurable (to me anyway!).

The checkbox appears next to items in list views so that they can be selected by the user and therefore be ‘acted‘ upon from the ribbon. Sometimes however this just isn’t what’s required – for example when we simply want to show a list of links on a team site home page.

List View Checkbox

Now as you can see above, the checkboxes are included in the view by default – and as I’ve said above, we don’t want them to be. So to remove them we simply need to modify a setting in the view. This setting is a new one to SharePoint 2010 called Tabular View.

List View Checkbox Option

In this scenario we could either open up the web part properties and directly configure the view there or we could chose to create or modify an existing view on the list and then set the web part to use that view. I’ll choose the latter.

  1. Navigate to the list
  2. Create a new view, e.g. Team Site Home Page
  3. In the view modify the Tabular View settings to unselect the option ‘Allow individual item checkboxes
  4. Now set the web part to use this new view

List View Checkbox Removed

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