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This is actually a post dated update. After I’ve been working in the private sectors for so many years (the 2 years when I was working as IT trainer in a secondary school is not counted, as I was working under a contract with a private IT training agency), I’ve decided to try my luck into public sector. And fortunately, I passed the interview and I was offered a position of Web Administrator in a government statutory board, that’s Agency for Science, Technology and Research (of Singapore).

During my previous employment with a Japanese MNC (multinational company), it was a totally new environment for me, as I had never worked for a Japanese company before, but the first time I work for Japanese company also gave me the very first nightmare I have with them, and vowed not to work for them anymore, and any other Japanese companies. No doubt I have freedom of choosing the tools and methods I wish to use for the projects, but the project management is simply too messy and out of order. And a lot of time, I don’t find that everyone is working as a team, more like achieving their own goals. Accountability for project is not shared, all lumped onto the shoulders of the developer in charge (they called it Software Engineer). I was working on a windows based .NET project, which I already voiced out that it’s not manageable by just 1 software engineer, but it seems like nobody cares, even the one who propose the solution to customer doesn’t care much. What he cares is whether you deliver the project on time so that he can please his customer and the senior management of his good work.

Too many stories to tell, and I just simple doesn’t want to talk too much on this as it has already became the past to me. With my new title with the government agency, I hope to contribute my best to them, while learning as much as I can.

I will share whatever I can on technologies, methodologies, and etc whichever I’m allowed and permitted to (of course, for those non-work-related stuff, I would be glad to share with you without much hesitation).

Thank you!

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