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Overview of what is upcoming and new from Microsoft for the 2010 Christmas season (Windows Phone 7, Kinect, and the slate), consumer keynote from the Microsoft Partner Conference:

(Windows 7 and Office 2010/SharePoint 2010 are already "old news", although potentially huge opportunities especially Office 2010/SharePoint 2010, subject of another blog post.  If you hear any companies saying they are going to go to Office 2007/SharePoint 2007 instead of going to 2010, think of it like going to Vista instead of going to Windows 7 (not a good idea)).
Info on Kinect, the "wii without a wii" device, the future of online EHS training, I believe, that you can see live outiside of Macy's at Tampa Citrus Park Mall and some other locations.  Official site for the device:

Locations at which you can see the device live (which I highly recommend) (I recommend the PBR Finals in Vegas :)

Good place to get a demo is, search for Kinect pre-order, that will show the games you can get, each game has a video you can watch
Best resource on Windows Phone 7 is wiki by the Microsoft Developer Evangelist, Joe Healy,
Also training Sept 21 for what has changed since Microsoft did the original 12 hours of LiveMeeting training in July, link to the site with more info and registration link:

Happy Windows Phone 7 development days!

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