Brian Biales, Windows 7 Windows 10 RDC RDP

I've always known that RDC connectivity to a Windows 7 or Windows 10 machine was only an option if running the "Professional" version of the OS. But most computers ordered by default have the "Home" edition. ...


var options= File.ReadAllText("options.json");
            var optionsObj= JObject.Parse(options);
            value= Convert.ToString(optionsObj["key"]);

John Breakwell,

A generous contact has loaned me a rack mounted server to turn into a Windows Hyper-V host. I don't have a rack to mount the machine in so have made use of a glass and chrome TV stand instead. Screams ...

Ken Hortsch,

Replace the Recirculation Air Flap Servo Motor. It’s not hard. And the fix works like a champ. It got so bad I drove around with the defroster on high and the window cracked open. In the Minnesota cold, ...