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I wrote last time about setting up my Linksys router with DD-WRT and sharing my media on the local network with a USB storage drive.  I had intended to also install a Universal Plug and Play (uPnP) media server on the router, but never could find a good media server that ran on embedded Linux.  I tried uShare, and it worked OK, but only with my pictures.  I also attempted to run TwonkyMedia, but never could get it installed on the router.  A friendly request in the Twonky Vision forums went unanswered, and others in the same forum lamented about the lack of support for a pay product.  Oh well.  I moved on.

So I turned to TVersity, a free uPNP media server for Windows.  The unfortunate side effect is that I'll have to leave my laptop running to serve up content, but hey, my opinion was that if it worked, it is a small price to pay.  I installed it, and it simply ... worked.  The management interface is clean and fairly easy to use.  While the initial media cataloging process took several hours (quite a bit longer than I had expected), once it was done, refreshes didn't take much time at all.  I'm now sharing local media, network media, and Internet media (podcasts, Flickr images, Internet video, etc.), all to any uPnP devices on my network (of which the Xbox 360 is the intended target).

I'm also waiting for MediaPortal version 2, which will include uPnP support in addition to the already-existing HTPC-type features, like tuner recording and program playback.  MediaPortal is also open source and written in .net, both features that I find extremely attractive.

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