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An RTM of MS SQL Server 2008 has finally been released today!

Being an MCITP in SQL Server I will definitely give it a try especially when Microsoft is so nice with providing a free 180 Enterprise evaluation version that you can find here:

I will be trying out first the data encryption capabilities.

Update 1:

The download come as an image, and It took quite a while to set the things up as I decided to try it on a non production machine first because the installer prompted me to get the .Net Framework 3.5 SP1 that is known for several bugs that may need attention; a good, though a small summary on the bugs is here.

I have just finished installing the SQL Server up. Overall I can see huge improvements in the way the installer is designed, it is very user friendly.

Update 2:

I had zero issues installing and configuring the SQL Server 2008 default instance on my test Intel Quad Core Vista machine.

This is unlike some other people who reported hardware issues and other hurdles. Reading some blogs I found people had difficulties mostly getting the SQL Server 2008 sample databases, so to this regard I recommend William Vaughan's blog.

My personal experience was not as painful getting the sample databases because while installing them (running a sample database installer) I copied the path where the installer wanted to place the databases to. Sure I was surprised to not to see the .mdb file for the AdventureWorks (naturally I was expecting to just attach the database), so fiddling around within the directories the installer created I found AdventureWorks2008.bak file in .\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\100\Tools\Samples - voila! Next my DBA's hand reached out to SSMS and restored it in under 1 min. I guess, this is good to know if one messes up the database and needs to restore the pristine instance.

I am ready to rock-n-roll!

Update 3 to follow.

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