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I received my MBA from the University of Tulsa in 2002 while working full time.  I learned a lot from grad school and home to get another Master's degree in the future.  The one thing I regret is that I should have looked at more schools for my MBA.  TU at the

time was rated in the Top 25 for Graduate schools in US News.  So academia wise it was a great choice.  The biggest thing I have learned since graduating is academics are not the only thing you should evaluate a school on.  Even with getting a 3.5 in my grad program I was not recruited by big corporations.  Why?  The University of Tulsa did not have any big corporations recruiting there.  This was mostly because Tulsa was hit pretty hard with the .com bust in 2000-2002.  With WorldComm, WilTel, and other big corporations in Tulsa going bankrupt, there weren't many left.  I have found that the fastest way to the top of big corporations is to get in through their university recruiting programs.   The next time I go to grad school I will look at academics and their recruiting programs.  I will see what corporations recruit there and make my decision on academics, and whether a corporation I want to work for recruits at that university.  I will also make sure when I help my 4 kids choose colleges to take recruiting into account.  Check out this great video of an MBA Intern at Microsoft.  Oh Microsoft I wish you had recruited at TU.


MBA Interns at Microsoft show you what it's all about

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