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I have been busy working on an ASP.Net 2.0 application for deployment to what has up until now been 1.1.x IIS server only.

I  used the new Publish to Web feature. I thought “sweet” it is much simpler than some around the world deployment steps I had to go through before due to the nature of my work's network and my (lowly) permissions.

After depoloyment, I go to test the site, and it fails when readinig the config file.  At fist I assumed the network guy had not installed 2.0 frame work like he was supposed to. (this was true) but it still failed after he did his job.

Looking around the web I came across a “bug“ wich is good to know in case it happens to you. In short the bug is when a 2.0 web is created in a 1.1. subnet and the fix is  “ to *not* create an Application in the root“.

But that wasn't the problem either. After jumping through some internal hoops I am able to look at the web site in IIS.

Guess what? It created the Website to run as ASP.Net 1.1.4322  not ASP.NET 2.0.50727 How bizzare is that? Deploy a 2005 solution and it doesn't create it as 2.0? An oddity for sure, perhaps there is a config setting in  VStudio.

Anyway, a very simple solution once I was able to see what was going on. And I do like the 'deploy to web functionality'. Do wish there was an option to selectivly publish items as oppesed to all or nothing though.




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