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Shawn Jamison
I have TFS build workflows that are causing me some headaches right now.  They do what they are designed to very well and for non Microsoft technologies.  

They just were not designed to have new builds with different compilers added easily.  

In one workflow adding a project to build is easy.  Add the project file in the "Items to build" section of the build definition.

The bad news. 

The for each statement that iterates through the "Items to build" are compile and copy blocks for every other build technology and project our product uses.  

Add one project file to "Items to build" and I double the build time by recompiling everything in the for each project activity.


Any suggestions on handling multiple compiler types within the same workflow are welcome

-Shawn J>
Posted on Thursday, December 18, 2014 3:50 PM TFS 2012 , TFS 2013 , Team Build , Build workflow , Build Agents | Back to top

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