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Friday, April 13, 2012

ORA-00900 Super Easy Fix (for some cases)

Here is a really easy fix for some ORA-00900 errors. Well at least the one I saw the other day. This was something that I did not come across when searching either. I found lots of other ideas on what the problem might be but not the fix. Since I am fairly new to PL/SQL (TSQL only for a long time) this one stumped me for a while. Until I asked someone and they saw the error in about two seconds.

When using the Command Window to add a view I was receiving an ORA-00900 error. So I checked that everything the view was referencing was there and that the permissions looked OK. The code for the view was fairly simple and it ran just fine in a regular SQL Window. It ended up that the Command Window did not like the space I had between the list of items in the select before the from.


                               <--- does not like the empty line
from tblSomething


from tblSomething

I will just chalk that up to my familiarity with PL/SQL.


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