There was an interesting newsgroup post this week that I thought I would take some time to discuss.
The question went something like this:
I have ONE BSP for my board and I build several OSDesign projects against it. When I switch between OSDesigns and run makeimg it fails with the following message “Error: Mismatched time stamp on .rel file for module nk.exe”
When I first read it, I was stumped. This is not an uncommon activity for me. I switch between projects that build against the same BSP often and have never had this problem. But, I have a Developr batch file (see Platform Builder: Using Your Developr Batch File) that I use to set BUILDREL_USE_COPY.
BUILDREL_USE_COPY tells buildrel.bat to copy files to the _FLATRELEASEDIR instead of using hard links. Hard links have some value; they reduce disk usage and speed up the build process. But, they have a downside when building multiple projects against the same BSP. The downside is that the files that are being used during makeimg might not be the files that you built with the project. That downside is a big problem for me, so ever since Platform Builder introduced hard links, I have had BUILDREL_USE_COPY set.
NOTE: The default value for BUILDREL_USE_COPY is not set.
For more on the Platform Builder build system take a look at: Summary of Building Windows CE which lists the articles that I have written about building Windows CE using Platform Builder.
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