I am not all that fancy, as you will see, with the development tools that I use. I keep it simple, but use the tools that make me productive. The following are the tools that I use in order of importance for me:
  • Examine32 – a graphical tool that works like grep. This tool enhances grep by allowing me to click on the results and open files. I find that the results that I get are much better than the results from using Visual Studio or Windows Explorer to search for strings inside files. (www.examine32.com)
  • Google – I couldn’t get my job done without Google. The results just work for me, and I see other engineers using other search tools and not getting the results that they need to get answers they need.
  •  WinVI32 – contrary to popular belief, I started programming on UNIX systems. I made the mistake of getting too familiar with VI, not even Emacs. I have found that I can be very productive using VI, and not using a mouse much when I edit. Of course it took a long time to get familiar with VI, so I don’t recommend others follow my lead.
  • Tera Term Pro – a terminal emulator that works better for scrolling back to see debug output than HyperTerm does.  The downside is that it only supports COM1-4. 
  • SourceGear Vault – Vault is a good version control tool for its price. We chose it because it has features like versioning of folders, not just files, and allows us to reuse code between projects by sharing one set of code within the tool. It also is a true client/server tool so it works very well for multi-site development. (www.sourcegear.com)
  • Platform Builder – I work on Windows CE 4.2, 5.0 and 6.0 regularly, but still do some maintenance on 3.0 about one or twice a year.
  • eMbedded Visual C++ - mainly I use this for maintaining older applications
  • Visual Studio – of course I use Visual Studio for Platform Builder 6.0, but I also do some application development in C++ and C#. Nobody will accuse me of being a master of application development though.
  • Microsoft Virtual Server and Virtual Machines – these come in handy for trying out new software and we use them for our release build machines.
  • MagicCab – a tool for extracting those CAB files that vendors supply. It makes it easier to extract and add to a Platform Builder project than extracting the CAB file on the device and copying the files to your PC. The downside is that couldn’t find where to get it anymore, although I could find the PocketPC version.
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