How to find the line of code that caused the data abort.
An example of finding the source of a data abort
A discussion of the causes of prefetch aborts
A discussion of why functions might not be accessible outside of your dll
A discussion of some problems that show up when switching from debug to release
A discussion of why volatile and PBYTE don’t go so well together
A discussion of how spaces in a folder name can cause your build to fail
A discussion of causes for your changes not to be in your OS image when you build it
A discussion of how we fixed the cause of this error message
A discussion of how to interpret the return value of GetLastError()
A discussion of how I fixed a serious build problem that caused two of our systems to not boot
A discussion of the effect of overlapped regions of RAM
A discussion of how an application can reduce the performance of reading from a driver.
Why pointers passed into functions must be 32 bit aligned.
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