Platform Builder Help will do a more complete job of documenting much of these terms.  This is meant to be a quick start glossary of terms, and will fill in some blanks that Help doesn't cover.

Platform Builder - The software development tool used for developing a Windows CE system.  This tool is typically used by OEMS who create devices like PDAs, Automated Teller Machines (ATM), medical devices and much more.

Board Support Package (BSP) - A BSP is a set of files used to support the chips on a board.  The set of files could be either source code or binary files, or a mix of both.  These files typically include a bootloader, device drivers, the OAL and configuration files.  A BSP is necessary for developing a Windows CE OS.  A BSP may come from Microsoft, a chip vendor, or a board vendor.

Chip Support Package (CSP) - A CSP is a set of files, typically source code, that supports features of a CPU chip.  A CSP should be board agnostic, and therefore usually builds static linked libraries (lib files) that are linked with code in a BSP to create a bootloader, device drivers and the OAL.

Platform - In the Windows CE context, the term platform can mean several things.  A platform can be a board, a BSP, the OS, or the OS on a board.  Platform is also the folder in the Windows CE build tree that contains BSPs.

PBWorkspace - A Platform Builder for Windows CE 5.0 OS project.

OSDesign - A Platform Builder for Windows CE 6.0 OS project

Catalog - A Platform Builder database of features that can be added to a project.  The catalog is displayed as a tree structure in Platform Builder.  Components in the catalog can be dragged into a project to add them to the project.

OS Project - A set of files that defines components included in an instance of the OS.

BIB File - A BIB file defines the basic address space for an OS as well as the files to be included in an OS.

Platform Builder SDK - This is a set of files that can be added to Visual Studio or eMbedded Visual C++ or Basic.  These files tell these development tools about the target system so that at compile and link time the application being developed can be check to ensure that it can be run on the target system.  This is very important for a Windows CE system because each system contains a different set of OS features, therefor not every application can run on every system.

QFE - Quick Fix Engineering release from Microsoft.  This is a set of patches for Platform Builder that updates the dlls, exes and source code used to create a Windows CE OS.

_FLATRELEASEDIR - is an environment variable that defines the folder that files are copied to when buildrel runs and then is used by makeimg to create the OS image.

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