Bruce is a Field Application Engineer (FAE) for Eurotech Inc.  In this role Bruce is responsible for assisting customers take product ideas to market. Eurotech Inc. is a leader in embedded single board computers and embedded systems.

Prior to becoming an FAE, Bruce was Director of the Windows CE Technology Group at Eurotech Inc.   As Director of the Windows CE Technology Group, Bruce managed the Software Engineers who port Windows CE to Eurotech's COTS single board computers and custom board designs.  Bruce continues spend much of his day solving engineering problems when he isn't busy meeting with customers on conference calls and in person.

Bruce started working with Windows CE in 2000 when his wife bought him a Casio Cassiopeia running Palm PC, the predecessor to Pocket PC and then Windows Mobile.  As a Software Engineer, he couldn't resist playing around with writing simple applications to run on the Casio.

Shortly after that in 2001, Bruce joined Accelent Systems a leader in Windows CE BSP development for ARM processors.  There he learned how to develop Windows CE boot loaders, drivers and the OAL for Windows Mobile and Windows CE.  He used this knowledge to train others in the US and Asia.  Bruce also traveled with Microsoft presenting at Windows Embedded events in the US.

In 2002, Bruce received the Microsoft MVP award for his efforts within the Microsoft community.  Bruce has published a few magazine articles, speaks at Microsoft events and answers questions in the Windows CE newsgroups.  Bruce makes it a point to answer questions in the Windows CE newsgroups becuase it is an opportunity to continue to learn about what others are doing with Windows CE and give back to the community.

Bruce earned the Microsoft Certified Technical Specialist in the area of Platform Builder for Windows CE 6.0 in 2008.

Bruce enjoys spending time with his wife Christine, daughter Abby and son Liam.