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This (04/16/2008) did not started out on the right foot. I missed the last bus to the Microsoft campus which left at 8:15 AM (I know it is too early to be the last bus). So, I went inside the hotel and asked for help. Anyway, I found two other guys who were in the same situation. I told them let’s take a taxi since my company will be paying all expenses. It was in the car that I realized that I am sharing the taxi with David Laribee and Scott Bellware(I guess everything happens for a reason). We had a brief talk about MVC framework and the job market in Austin TX. 

Anyways, my first session was about ADO.NET Data Services. The presenter was pretty good as it was mostly code based and not slide based presentation. The next session was very interesting since it was a movers and shakers session. What that means is that we had all the big guns sitting in front of MVPs answering questions. These people included Scott Guthrie, Phil Haack, Brad Abrams, Omar, Nikil Koltari, Shanku and Scott Hanselman. Scott Guthrie was the main person answering the questions.


MVP 113


And here is the introduction of the big guns as defined by Scott Hanselman!

MVP 119


 After the session I had a small talk with Nikil Koltari in which he discussed the new book that he is currently working on.

Later that day Microsoft hosted a party at the Science Fiction Museum/Music Museum. I did attend the party but only for a brief period (I am not a party guy). 

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You should try to balance the technical Summit aspects, with partying and you might just have some fun.
Left by MVP on Apr 24, 2008 4:33 PM

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