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How do I edit the registry in windows?

Please do NOT edit the registry without backing it up first, the results could be disasterous!

Step 1:  Back up the registry in Windows XP as follows:

a. Go to Start>Run then type %SystemRoot%\system32\restore\rstrui.exe. Click OK.
b. On the System Restore page, click "Create a restore point". Click Next .
c. On the Create a Restore Point page, type a name for the restore point you will remember. Click Create
d. Once created, click

NOTE: If the restore is turned off, you will see a message box that asks if
you want to turn on System Restore. Click Yes. You will see a System Properties
message box, click to be sure the "Turn off System Restore" check box has been cleard. Click OK.
Once that is done, go through steps a-d.

If you are using Windows 7, go to this link to complete the registry backup step.

Step 2: Edit the registry in Windows XP/Vista/7

a. Click Start > Run
b. Type regedit in the text box
c. Click OK.

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