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Here's a little gem I came across yesterday.

The Problem

I restored a site backup yesterday to find that the scope drop-down that lives in the <SPSWC:SearchBoxEx> on my master page had vanished.  And the weird thing was that where it was supposed to be, the words “All Sites” decided to appear.  This made no sense, as I distinctly remember removing the “All Sites” scope weeks ago.  Peachy.


So I started down the troubleshooting path.  I checked my SSP to make sure my scopes were right, and I made sure the SearchBoxEx web part hadn’t been reconfigured by someone.  I even re-started my indexing service, just to be sure.  Everything looked alright.  I was fearing that I would have to re-create my SSP, and that would suck.

It was then after some poking around that I came to the Search scopes link in Site Settings under the top-level site (look under the “Site Collection Administration” heading…   it’s the second link from the top).

There, I found that my properly-configured scopes, all sitting in the Unused Scopes grouping.  Unused?  What in the world does that mean?

The Solution

After a little digging, I found that in order for the SearchBoxEx control to know which scopes should populate its dropdown, it looks for a hard-coded Display Group called Search Dropdown (and it is case-sensitive, seeing how it gets it by name).

It turns out that when you do a site collection restore, you can lose the configuration of the Display Groups for your scopes (seeing how they are configured in your SSP, an entirely separate virtual application from the one housing your site collection).

The solution is to re-create the Search Dropdown display group, and put the scopes back into it in the order in which you’d like them to show up, and POOF!  There they are, in all of their scope-like glory… Whatever that means.

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