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Hi. Actually I am a glad to writing with geekwithblogs service! but I decided to write a blog to improve my skills on different aspects.

This post’s title is “Fatal Scroll”. Motivation for this post was the process of changing my blog theme.

When I was trying to change the blog theme, encountered a killing scroll in configuration page of blog. you can see the sample in this picture. (10 inch screen)


All I saw in my screen without scrolling was that. I tried to change my blog a few times. but the scroll slows down my try !!

after all I gave up changing the FK theme!! In my opinion there is a check list for designing efficient and useful forms.(if you care about it!!)

First of all, don’t forget wide range of screen sizes and screen resolutions.

Second, always consider the cost of checking the changes made in fields.

Third, never forget the scroll. scroll should not hide any main functionality (like save in this case).

Forth, don’t use real data to preview the result. (like loading full blog to check new theme)

and don’t forget didn’t say this list is a definitive list data entry form usability testing! 


Posted on Wednesday, October 10, 2012 9:12 PM Web General , General | Back to top

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