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Uninstall IE 7

Those of you wanting to know how to remove this annoying version on IE – click here.

However, if you are as unfortunate as myself, and have had another user has install it (IE 7 beta) on your PC, then you will get this error:

“Internet Explorer 7 Beta 1 cannot be uninstalled from this user account.  Please log on to the same user account from which it was installed and try again.”

Even if you belong to the local administrators group.

WFT were the microsoft dev team thinking!  Surely more than one person had read this message before it got to alpha – let alone beta.

From my experience, applying a bit more attention to detail and taking a few less hits from the bong yield a far superior product.


This article is part of the GWB Archives. Original Author: A Complete Load of Bollocks

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