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“Pimp My IDE”: 101 Visual Studio tips, tricks, and add-ins

Here are the links from my May 12, 2008 presentation at the St. Louis C# User Group:

1.VS 2008 Product Comparison  VS2008
2.Change startup options VS2005VS2008
3.Change home page VS2005VS2008
4.LINQPad  VS2008
5.Importing/Exporting Settings
6.Consolas font on Windows XP
7.Tab groups (code editor windows)
8.line numbering
9.Navigate forward (Ctrl-minus) and backward (Ctrl-plus)
10.Incremental Search: Ctrl-I
11.Ctrl-Tab to select from open windows
12.Type-ahead in Solution Explorer
13.Flat Solution Explorer VS2005 
14.Sonic File Finder VS2005VS2008
15.Source Code Outliner VS2005VS2008
16.Document Outline VS2005VS2008
17.Hide Solution Folders VS2005VS2008
18.PowerCommands for Visual Studio 2008: Clear All Panes  VS2008
19.PowerCommands for Visual Studio 2008: Show All Files  VS2008
20.PowerCommands for Visual Studio 2008: Undo Close  VS2008
21.PowerCommands for Visual Studio 2008: Open Containing Folder  VS2008
22.Open in HTML view instead of designer: Tools | Options | HTML Designer | Start pages in…
23.Editor Guidelines
24.Select Block Text: Alt-Drag
25.Hide Selection: Edit | Advanced | Hide Selection or Ctrl-M, Ctrl-H
26.Select Entire String literal: Double-click to left of opening quote
27.Ctrl-] – finds matching closing token: }, ), #endregion
28.Convert to upper (Ctrl-Shift-U) or lower (Ctrl-U) case
29.Multi-line Search And Replace
30.Transpose: Ctrl-T (character), Ctrl-Shift-T (word), Alt-Shift-T (line)
31.VS2008 C# Keyboard Shortcuts poster  VS2008
32.Visual Studio 2008 Keyboard Shortcuts Reference  VS2008
33.Keyboard Jedi
34.Shift-F10 launches context menu (like right-click)
35.Toggle between Designer (Shift-F7) and code-behind (F7)
36.Tab to next (F8) / previous (Shift-F8) error
37.Ctrl-F4 closes current document
38.Ctrl-. (dot) shows “smart tags” (e.g. add Using)  VS2008
39.F12: Go to definition
40.Shift-F12 = find all references
41.Comment (Ctrl-K, Ctrl-C) / uncomment (Ctrl-K, Ctrl-U)
42.Format document (Ctrl-K, Ctrl-D) or selection (Ctrl-K, Ctrl-F)
43.Outlining: Collapse All (Ctrl-M, Ctrl-O) / Expand All (Ctrl-M, Ctrl-L)
44.Ctrl-C, Ctrl-X, Ctrl-L, Shift-Delete without selection operate on the current line
45.Drag/Drop code to Toolbox
46.Clipboard Ring – Ctrl-Shift-V
48.Code Snippets Manager VS2005VS2008
49.Edit / Create snippets VS2005VS2008
50.GotCodeSnippets.net VS2005VS2008
51.“Export as Code Snippet” Add-In  VS2008
52.<code:keep> VS2005VS2008
53.T4 Code Generation Templates VS2005VS2008
54.T4 Editor VS2005VS2008
55.PowerCommands for Visual Studio 2008: Transform Templates  VS2008
56.Step into framework code  VS2008
57.DataTable visualizer VS2005VS2008
58.Mole VS2005VS2008
60.Sandcastle: msdn-style documentation builder VS2005VS2008
61.Sandcastle Help File Builder: nDoc-style GUI VS2005VS2008
62.Refactor! for ASP.NET: ASP.NET refactorings VS2005VS2008
63.Refactor!: Extract Method VS2005VS2008
64.Refactor!: Extract Property VS2005VS2008
65.Refactor!: Introduce Constant VS2005VS2008
66.Refactor!: Flatten Conditional VS2005VS2008
67.Refactor!: Reverse Conditional VS2005VS2008
68.Refactor!: Create Overload VS2005VS2008
69.Refactor!: Reorder Parameters VS2005VS2008
70.Refactor!: Encapsulate Field VS2005VS2008
71.Ctrl-K, Ctrl-S = “surround with”
72.PowerCommands for Visual Studio 2008: Remove and Sort Usings  VS2008
73.PowerCommands for Visual Studio 2008: Format Document / Remove & Sort Usings on Save  VS2008
74.PowerCommands for Visual Studio 2008: Copy / Paste Class  VS2008
75.PowerCommands for Visual Studio 2008: Copy / Paste References  VS2008
76.PowerCommands for Visual Studio 2008: Copy as Project Reference  VS2008
77.Regionerate VS2005VS2008
78.ClearRegions Macro
79.Ctrl-Shift-R: Record Macro
81.NUnit For VS VS2005VS2008
82.Go to Reflector – via add-in
83.Class Designer VS2005VS2008
84.ModelingPowerToys: Layout toolbar enabled  VS2008
85.ModelingPowerToys: Floating property grid  VS2008
86.ModelingPowerToys: Ctrl-Alt-Drag  VS2008
87.ModelingPowerToys: Export as Image or HTML  VS2008
88.ModelingPowerToys: Filtering  VS2008
89.ModelingPowerToys: Thumbnail view  VS2008
90.StickyNotes  VS2008
91.Microsoft Robotics Studio VS2005VS2008
92.XNA Game Studio  VS2008
93.PowerCommands for Visual Studio 2008: Email Code Snippet  VS2008
94.ComponentOne IntelliSpell Community Edition VS2005VS2008
95.OxyProject Metrics VS2005VS2008
96.SlickEdit Gadgets VS2005VS2008
97.Visual Studio Hacks: The Book
98.Visual Studio Hacks: The web site
99.Sara Ford\’s Tip of the Day
100.Visual Studio 2008 Developer\’s Center  VS2008
101.Visual Studio Gallery VS2005VS2008

posted on Monday, May 12, 2008 2:40 PM

This article is part of the GWB Archives. Original Author: Brian Schroer

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