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Installing Fingerprint Reader software on Windows Vista

Installed Windows Vista back on my machine. Took it off for a while due to the fact that the new Zune software didn’t work on Vista. It does now – so I’m back! 🙂

In installing Windows Vista, for the second time – one thing that took me a while was finding all the software for my Microsoft Keyboard with Fingerprint Reader. You can find the software for both the keyboard and the fingerprint reader here:

It is two separate pieces of software that you want to install. The first is ItelliType Pro 6.1 (32bit) for Vista. Installing this on Vista will not require a reboot. After installing this, you will then want to install DigitalPersona Password Manager 2.0. This will require a reboot and then you will register your fingerprints after the reboot. Works wonderfully on Vista.

For those that don’t yet have a fingerprint reader (whether it is on their keyboard or not), this is something that I highly recommend. I have one at work and at home. You never have to type in your username and password again.

This article is part of the GWB Archives. Original Author: Bill Evjen’s Blog

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