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Indian Scammers Company get Google cloud partnership. Now how they fool the people.

Some days ago I register for this event

it looks like a good thing, going out somewhere, meet nice people and learn good things.

In this post, I am showing you how to be careful with company Like Searce who are doing scam on google partnership.

So first I have been told that I need to have email id at the name of company domain which I provide of my senior. They send me register link and I register. Now they told me that I will get interviewed before getting confirmed for the event. So This person called “Gaurav Parashar” calls me dozen time (my office time), and say blah blah, after getting calls for the interview I didn’t sure what he talking about. He told me he will get back to me.

I didn’t get it what is this. If it’s just a interview, this is not the process of how event organized. If google want me to do this, this should be shown on the page

or this is not the process of google, google partner is fooling the customer in the name of google partnership.

How they fake the whole google things.

1. We are behind this GCP event.

On this page there is no word like “searce” if you have used meetup or other events site you will see that sponsor page and other things has clearly mention.

For example if some event done by 2 company it’s clearly mention. so this one is fake.

2. We want to interview you.

Why you want to interview me, Why, Am I looking for relationship with your company, blah blah blah, you are wasting my time. The way I get continuous calls and the way this person speak it’s look like a total scam.

Months ago, I register for a event on and I can’t attend it, I got a call in which a lady talk to me and the voice and other thing look professionally. I say I can’t and done. I never got a problem like this google cloud partnership give me.

3. Too Much calls, Disturb me at my office time

Every time I got call from Amazon , Years ago from Reliance and some other reputed company they tell me if this is the right time to talk with you.

I don’t think google didn’t have this kind of thing when he called someone for anything.

4. How Company like Searce India do scam like this

The company like this just see the post of someone and post them on the eventbrite and other site and make people fools

Be careful with company like this, They are even listed on google cloud website as partner. They are great what they are doing “Fraud”.

This article is part of the GWB Archives. Original Author: Anirudha gupta

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