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Find all Triggers and their Text with T-SQL

Simply run this on your database that you need to find all the triggers on.  It gives you the Table Name, the Trigger Name, when it was created, and the text.

The only problem is the text as you might guess is all jammed into a regular field space, simply drag the field larger, or look at where it’s at from the table name and trigger name, and look at it with Management Studio or Enterprise Manager

-- Get Triggers w/ Code
SELECT      Tables.Name TableName, TriggerName,
      Triggers.crdate TriggerCreatedDate,
      Comments.Text TriggerText
FROM      sysobjects Triggers
      Inner Join sysobjects Tables On Triggers.parent_obj =
      Inner Join syscomments Comments On =
WHERE      Triggers.xtype = 'TR'
      And Tables.xtype = 'U'
ORDER BY Tables.Name,

Thanks to LazyDBA for the code

This article is part of the GWB Archives. Original Author: Jon Kress

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