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FBA Editor V1

I have created a tool that a lot of ISA/TMG users will like.
It is a Simple tool to edit the Forms Based Authentication page and make it different than what’s default.
During my work as a consultant I noticed that a lot of companies want to have their own custom branded FBA page.
But for quite a few people the step by going to edit the plain HTM files and making sure they don’t break the FBA page is too big. So therefore I created this tool.

In this version 1.0 I have the functionality to change the following options.

  1. Change the text variables
  2. Alter the Font that is used
  3. Replace the images used on the page

Option 1 will allow you to change the text in every language that ISA or TMG supports

Option 2 will allow you to select your corporate Font.

Option 3 will allow you to change the pictures like inserting your own company logo.

You can download  the fba editor at my company Blog page
And here is my demo published on Youtube

This article is part of the GWB Archives. Original Author: Kay Sellenrode’s Blog

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