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Enlarge Your Penis Without Surgery – What Works?

Penis Enlargement Products – What Is Best

No doubt your computer’s Inbox is full of them from time to time…lots of emails promoting many variations of how to grow a bigger penis. You’ve got to ask yourself, “Can these things actually work?” And the real answer is, “Yes, most of them.” And, of the ones that do, some are better than others. Whether one method or another is the right one for you is your decision, based on what you want, what you are comfortable doing to achieve it, and how much time and money you can afford.

Pills Pumps and Hanging Weights

The penile enlargement industry offers pumps and other devices, exercise programs, and remedies you may swallow or rub directly on your skin. By the way, the pills and creams do work in spite of the common belief that they are largely ineffective. Look for the ones that combine yohimbe or tribulus with more common herbal concoctions containing horny goat weed (yes, it is really called that!), muria, barberry, passionflower, maca, and puama in some measure. Having the yohimbe or tribulus in the mix makes the other herbs work together with twice the potency of when they are absent.

The pills are just a part of what is available from the herbal counter. Creams and serums and trans-dermal patches are also options. All have records of success but again, success is measured by what you want and expect. Some of these remedies require very long-term commitments for results. Now we turn to equipment.

Male enhancement pumps may cost less than fifty dollars and are rarely more than two hundred. There are many models and sizes to choose from. Pumps work by creating a low-pressure environment (near vacuum) for your penis. This brings the blood to your organ and is generally considered a good assist for getting and aiding an erection. How much good it is as a penis enlarger is questionable. Maintaining a seal for the vacuum to act can be problematic with some models.

More Sophistication – Better Results

Other devices that work are stretcher or extender-type items. They were originally developed for surgical assists in lengthening short arms or legs and even male members with bad bends. By applying traction along the length of the penis, straightening and lengthening occurs. The traction may be applied by hanging weights or using a traction device that is self-contained and leaves nothing dangling. These devices are very effective in increasing length and girth (heft).

Physical exercises are also proven to increase penis size, as exercise can do with most muscle. For the penis there are specialized sequences of exercises with names like Kegel and jelqing. These are stretching and flexing movements that have been used for centuries. The object is to force blood into the penis and corpora covenosa, the part that engorges with blood during erection, until they are induced to enlarge. Over time, the capacity of the penis is increased. Jelqing is a “milking” movement you perform on a penis while gaining an erection. For this method to work and be maintained requires regular attention.

The Kegel exercises aren’t directed at the penis itself, but rather, at the pubococcygeus muscle. This muscle is at the base of the penis and can delay erection and help control ejaculation so, it is a good muscle to be able to control. The point of Kegel exercises is to train this muscle to extend your erections duration and size.

Exercises that stretch the penis we already mentioned in reference to devices. Some of these exercises employ devices, such as weights, to elongate the penis. The idea is to stimulate new cell growth to fill in the stretched portion, adding actual tissue to the penis. This is a better solution for maintaining the increases gained over other methods. You will Get Permanent, Lasting Gains In Size!  Once you start using the penis enlargement bible, your penis just keeps getting BIGGER AND BIGGER! I’m shocked at how well it works!

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