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Active Directory and Firewall Ports

I found it hard to find a definitive list on the internet for what ports needed opening for Active Directory to replication between Firewalls.  Here are my findings and all is working so, hope this helps someone else.

RDPRemote Desktop3389  
DNSDNS Download53  
DNS Queries 53 
WINS ReplicationWINS42  
WINS 42 
ICMPecho-request  8
info-request  15
mast request  17
timestamp  13
NetBIOS ServicesName Resolution Service 137137 
Datagram  Services (Browsing) 138 
Session Service (net use)139  
Output 445 
Remote Storm 1025  
NTP 123 
Content ReplicationContent_Repl507  
KerberosKerberos-Secure 750 
Kerberos_v588 + 464  
Kerberos_v5 88 + 464 
LDAP 389 
LDAP over SSL/TLS636636 
Global Catalog3268  
Global Catalog over SSL/TSL3269  
ReplicationActive DirectoryRPCSS Dynamic  
FRSRPCSS Dynamic  
Microsoft CIFSMicrosoft-CIFS (DS) 445  
Microsoft-CIFS (DS) 445 
RPC – Cert Services (+)RPC135  
SNMPSNMP Agent 161 
SNMP Trap162  
ASP.Net State Service 42424  
Link State Algorithm Routing 691  
TCP – High Ports  (Cert Services)> 10231024 – 65535  
This article is part of the GWB Archives. Original Author: Jason Miles

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