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Something I've found is bugs in my ASPX files that refering to things that don't exist in the codebehind, and I finally learned how to make my build include compiling the file.  As I understand this will do the same build process that the runtime does when viewing each page.  This nant script expects the website directory to contain the fully ready website, including the binaries.  The /url is the path that the website should think it's running under.  The CompiledAspx directory is where it puts the build artifacts of building the aspxes.  I currently delete the contents of that directory when I'm done.

 <target name="Compile-Aspx" description="Try building the Aspxes so we have fewer runtime errors">
  <exec program="${framework::get-tool-path('aspnet_compiler.exe')}" commandline="-c -nologo -v /url -p ${dir.output}\website\ ${dir.output}\CompiledAspx" />

 EDIT: I found a prettier way of doing this.  SEE:

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